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This week I’m visiting with Lynn Naughton, owner of Seams Sew Simple.  I got to meet Lynn in person just over a year ago at a guild meeting in Galway.  It’s been fun to follow along on Facebook to see what she’s up to!


Lynn Naughton

P: So Lynn, tell us about how you got started with sewing/patchwork?

L:   Sewing has always been part of my life from a very young age, I remember getting my first sewing machine on Christmas morning  from Santa. At 19 I give up work to do a HNC in clothing and fashion design, and then moved from Belfast to London where I worked for 10 years in the Fashion industry.  I married an Irishman and two years later my twins arrived 3 months premature. I spent 7 weeks in hospital and taught myself crochet and cross stitch. This led on to making things for the twins, and so my first quilt was made for them.

P: Tell us a bit about your shop…

L:  My Quilt shop is a small cabin located in the Garden at the back of my home. My red door and pretty flowers outside set the scene for the beautiful fabrics inside.



Seams Sew Simple

P:  What kind of services, besides selling quilt fabrics, do you offer?

L:  I run evening classes and workshops for beginners.  Customers can visit my shop, order online or I am always delighted to bring my shop to visit your group.

P:  Love the pics of your cabin…where exactly are you located?

L:   My shop is located off the Galway Road, between Roscommon town and Athleague in County Roscommon.

P:  What do you love most about owning a quilt shop?

L:  I love making new friends, and watching the reaction of beginners when they finish their first quilt.


Be sure to pop on over to our Events page and take a look at what Lynn is planning for next years National Quilt Week of Ireland celebration.

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