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Leading up to our celebration of National Quilt Week of Ireland, we would like to share with you about some of the local guilds and organizations you will find here in Ireland.  Recently Penny caught up with the gals from the Modern Quilters of Ireland and they had lots to share.

Modern quilting, first and foremost, is an expression of the individual quilter’s tastes and aesthetic; modern quilters are not bound by rules or the “correct” way to do something, but instead will adapt and utilize techniques to suit both project they are working and the individual personality of the quilter. Yet for all of this, modern quilters remain deeply rooted in the craft.  Modern quilters are quilters first, and modern quilters second!

Made to Measure 1_edited-1

FairyFace Designs

The Modern Quilters of Ireland was established in January 2012. Founding members Cindy Coleman (Fluffy Sheep Quilting) and Sarah Flynn (FairyFace Designs) both active members of the Irish and International quilting and blogging communities, established this nation-wide guild as a unique opportunity to bring together existing Irish quilters and encourage new quilters to explore this medium.

Big stitch cushion made with blogger bundle

Big stitch cushion made with blogger bundle


The Modern Quilters of Ireland function in both the online and “real life” spaces such as meetings or retreats. Modern quilters already exist in Ireland but are geographically dispersed.  The group, therefore, allows modern quilters to come together personally, put faces to screen names and solidify the strong virtual community that already exists with real, tangible inter-personal connections.


Made by Ruth Bourke

The majority of initial members of the guild are already partaking in that virtual community for some time now, through blogs, virtual quilting bees, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, online “quiltalongs” and online swap groups. All of these activities allow for abundant discussion, instant feedback and any advice or support a quilter might need for a specific technique or inspiration; exactly what you would expect from a group that meets regularly in person.  The beauty of the online community is that it is wide and varied, and it is instantaneous.  Have a question on a particular technique?  Post a question or request for help on your blog or an online discussion group and you will get 10, 15, 20 or more answers within 24 hours including links to helpful tutorials.  Need help deciding on which fabric options to choose for a particular project?  Post your options in a Flickr group or your Facebook page and you will get a plethora of responses. It is the sense of community spirit to be fostered and develop through the Modern Quilters of Ireland so that no matter where you are in the country and how many quilting buddies you have living locally to you, you feel like you have a group of like-minded friends who share your passion for quilting who you can chat and interact with at any time.


Ruth Bourke

The Modern Quilters of Ireland has recently completed a small series of member profiles introducing ourselves to one another, is in the second year of its virtual quilting bee and regularly hosts fabric swaps. We are also active supporters of Bee Blessed, which based in Belfast, functions as an online bee to create quilts for those in the community who could use an extra hug.  Although we will have had several local meetups at Dublin’s Knitting and Stitching show or locally gathering modern quilters within each city together in smaller groups to spend an evening sewing together, and just recently had our first day long retreat, gathering members from Mayo, Galway, Clare, Kerry and Limerick.


Made by Fiona Roche – Betsy Grey Crafts

The Modern Quilters of Ireland would love for interested quilters to contact us with a view to joining our community. You can contact us via our blog

or through email and

flickr “”.





Anna Hutchinson

Pyramid Quilt 1

FairyFace Designs