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Ever wonder how a shop gets it’s name?  Did you assume that in Rags for Linda that Rags = Fabric?  You were wrong! This week I’m visiting with Linda McMulkin, owner of Rags for Linda, and she gives us the facts on where the name for her shop originates and much more about her business!



R is for Rebecca.          A is for Amy.      G is for Gemma.      Our 3 daughters!!

P:  How long have you been sewing, Linda?

L:  All of my life I have sewn. I cannot say that I learned at my Mothers knee, but do say that she was often sewing, making clothes for us and costumes for Church concerts and items to be made to sell for our Church.  As a result I grew up being encouraged to try! Crafts were an important part of being a primary school teacher and my 3 girls grew up in an environment where both I and their Dad, Dudley, also a primary school teacher were always trying out new crafts.

P:  How long have you been quilting?

L:I did not begin with patchwork however, until 2002 when I met Peter (Dudley died in 1998). I had moved to be with him and needed to meet new folks, saw a patchwork class advertised, joined it and was hooked!  Coming to live in Ireland in 2005, I was greatly concerned about where I would buy fabric, fewer shops than now existed, and so Rags for Linda was created.

P:  Tell us a bit about what we might find at your shop.

L:  We try to offer all that a patchworker might need in the way of fabrics, wadding and notions.
We stock 100% cotton fabrics by various manufacturers and try to offer a range suitable to everyone’s pocket!




Having purchased a second hand Gammill in 2010, we are now able to offer a quilting service, however due to time restraints in also running a shop and classes, the quilting we offer is not intricate. This simplicity is what our customers want.

Weekday classes and Saturday workshops are held on a regular basis, but these also offer the social side of patchwork and quilting as well as providing a learning situation.


As the business has developed, Peter has become more involved and now is a patchworker himself! However I could not run the business without his constant support and help. He is always ready to cut fabrics, make charm packs or Rag Rolls (jelly rolls), and offer advice and help in a 100 ways!

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Our business has flourish and we have welcomed visitors from all over the world! This year 2014 has seen visitors from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands, France, Germany and Austria, The UK and maybe I have forgotten some!

For myself I love traditional patchwork, with the accuracy needed in cutting and sewing. I very much appreciate all aspects, and do enjoy delving into other areas, but creating a sampler quilt and trying different blocks I have not tackled before really is my love. If only I had time to do more often!!!

P: Tell us where you’re located, Linda…

L:  We are situated on the N59, which is a major road out of Galway City as you head into Connemara! We are about 5 mins the Galway side of Oughterard, and really appreciate the proximity to the city, but also having beautiful Connemara on our doorstep.
Rags for Linda is part of our home and we are always happy to welcome visitors here, not only to visit our business, but also see our delightful two legged family -namely about 55 hens and many budgies and cockatiels !

Please check out our events page for more information on Linda’s plans to celebrate National Quilt Week.